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What We Do

Redemption Bridge directly interfaces with county, state and federal agencies to establish protocols and models for both pre-release and post release assistance for youth and adults. This includes:

(1) Pre-assess the need for employment, housing, transportation, healthcare, and community connectivity,

(2) Enable pre-registration of individuals with the appropriate agencies and service providers in advance of the individual’s release; 

(3) Establish pre-release access to “industry recognized” training certification programs to enhance each individual’s employability; and 

(4) Establish sustainable demonstration models that assist local, county, and regional entities in successfully re-integrating these populations.  


The working model definition is as follows:

“A sustainable, scalable, replicable demonstration model, that will provide training, resulting in industry-recognized, third party accredited, nationally portable, competency-based certifications in (1) transportation, distribution, logistics, and (2) advanced manufacturing sectors. This will be accomplished through the alignment of the educational partners, integrating nationally recognized certifications into the college and school districts respective curriculum. 

The Model has been developed to be sustainable, scalable, and replicable. It’s SUSTAINABLE, as it is primarily funded by existing state & federal resources. It is SCALABLE, because it is premised on the primary partners aligning and integrating their existing resources. It is REPLICABLE, because the primary partners all exist in regions throughout Texas, and their roles in the Model have been clearly defined.

Once the model is established and operational, it can serve as a “certification delivery system;” one capable of integrating all “industry recognized, third-party accredited, nationally portable, competency based” certifications of value to all business and industry sectors in the Region.

While there are individual programs that assist elements of these populations in small numbers, none operate at the scale to meet the unmet demand for tens of thousands of individuals with mid-level STEM skills, or to make an impact on the tens of thousands of individuals reentering Texas communities from incarceration each year.

Redemption Bridge provides visibility to the primary partners with the information they need to efficiently determine which individuals they can assist. Redemption Bridge also provides the automated tools and engagement opportunities for each of the partners, to impact as many students as possible, while empowering them to become productive members of our community.

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