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The South Dallas Employment Project (SDEP) is a true collaboration of 200+ non-profit and for profit organizations, including the City of Dallas, committed to providing opportunity populations with job and life skills, education programming, mental health counseling and addiction treatment that will help individuals overcome some of the challenges they face upon re-entering their communities.

The SDEP was established in February 2020 by Redemption Bridge, in partnership with the State Fair of Texas. SDEP has developed a strategic approach to provide services and resources for opportunity populations living in South Dallas to lead sustainable lives.

This regional model brings together businesses, government, educational institutions, workforce agencies, and nonprofit social enterprises to align and integrate resources focused on engaging employers from different industry sectors that have the largest unmet, non-duplicated job demand in Dallas, that also provide a living wage and career opportunities. 

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Gulf Coast Employment Project

The Gulf Coast Employment Project (GCEP) was developed to help opportunity populations living in or returning to the Gulf Coast Region to successfully reintegrate into Houston with the skills, competencies, knowledge and capabilities to live sustainable lives. We have accelerated our work, given the challenges posed by both COVID-19, and the issue of justice equity.

The GCEP was established in January 2021 by Redemption Bridge, in partnership with Houston Community College. GCEP offers a pathway from unemployment to permanent work for homeless youth and adults; those who are incarcerated or are coming out of incarceration; those who have a physical or mental disability; and other individuals with significant barriers to employment. 


The GCEP is built on the "Regional Model” premised on closing the skills gap in Texas, by serving opportunity populations, providing training, resulting in nationally recognized industry certifications, and enabling their employability. Recognizing that a livable wage is important, it is also important to provide support for success and the opportunity for positive integration into their community. Readily available resources provide a deeper connection to their neighborhoods as a place that has reinvested in them.

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